French tax information service for individuals for individuals is a tax information service that offers clear guidance and tools to help you manage the taxes you pay in France and in the UK.

For a one-off fee or yearly subscription, you will get access to in-depth articles, tax planning tools and helpful online tax calculators incorporating both UK and French tax, designed and maintained by an accountant with 20+ years’ French-UK cross-border experience. The site is currently being developed with the first content focusing on Taxes on French Property for UK residents. Further content will be added over time. Early subscribers can get a 75% discount (use coupon 75EARLY) on the annual subscription fee. Sign up for free to receive updates when new content is added and access from time to time to topical articles and guides. 

This site is for you if…

  • you manage your French tax returns and tax planning yourself but it is a struggle and a stress each time. You would appreciate some extra support and guidance.
  • you pay someone to complete your French tax returns but question whether you really need to as you are quite organised, and your situation is relatively straightforward each year. You would appreciate some extra support and guidance to be able to do it yourself.

You will find the content invaluable if you…

  • own French property.
  • are renting out French property.
  • are selling or are thinking of selling French property.
  • are an English speaker living in France and need to navigate the French tax system.
  • are moving or are thinking of moving to France.

The aim of this site is to…

give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are paying the right amount of tax both in France and in the UK and are able to make timely decisions about the tax you pay in the future.

If you require one-to-one tax support…

because of the complexity of your situation, this site cannot cater for that. I recommend that you get in touch via our sister site Greenwich Taxation Services for bespoke advice.

A word on values…

Through my business, I am committed to contributing to a fair and just society in which individuals and businesses pay their share of taxes. The purpose of this site is to enable you to pay the right amount of tax in France and in the UK, whilst helping you make the best decisions for you and your family. It will not and cannot help you evade tax or find legal loopholes and tax avoidance schemes. for individuals

– I’m Kehinde Dauda, French tax adviser with 20+ years experience on French-UK cross-border tax matters.

– I’m developing a subscription website to provide French-UK cross-border assistance to individuals.

– The first content will focus on Taxes on French Property for UK residents. Further content will be added over time.

– I would love you to sign up if you are interested in seeing more.

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